John McNally


John McNally is a very popular Councillor as well as one of the most successful local Councillors for the SNP.

It was in the 2005 Herbertshire by-election, where John McNally, a local Denny Barber, secured Labour’s safest seat with a 24% swing to the SNP, becoming Denny’s first ever SNP Councillor.

Since then the SNP has topped the poll in the Denny and Banknock Ward in the 2007 and 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Elections and the 2007 and 2012 local elections.

It is vital the SNP win the Falkirk Constituency and John McNally who secured over 30% of the vote, up from 21%, in the Falkirk Constituency during the 2010 Westminster Election, a Scottish high swing of 8.9% from Labour to the SNP, has the chance to finish what he started and secure the seat for the SNP.

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