Ivan McKee

Glasgow Provan

Ivan McKee served as a Minister in the Scottish Government in a number of business and trade roles between 2018-2023. He was responsible for the successful development and implementation of the Scottish Government’s export growth strategy ‘A Trading Nation’.

Brought up in Glasgow Ivan obtained a BSc.BEng in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering from Strathclyde University and an MBA from Newcastle University.

After spending 2 years in Bangladesh with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Ivan worked for a number of large and start-up manufacturing companies. In 2005 he started his own international manufacturing consultancy business and from 2009 to 2015 invested in, and led turnarounds of, several manufacturing businesses.

His career has included periods living and working in a number of countries including Poland, Croatia, Finland, Norway, Bosnia and Estonia, as well as Scotland and England.

Ivan returned to Scotland after a successful career abroad in time to come to the fore as a spokesperson on economic issues during the 2014 referendum campaign. He has served as a director of the Common Weal and has sat on the board of the Scottish Independence Convention.