Emma Roddick

Highlands and Islands

Emma was born on 30 July 1997. She lived in Ross-shire as a child, attending Bridgend Primary School and, later, Alness Academy. In her late teens, she moved to Inverness for a temporary position at the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), alongside working for Deliveroo on her bike. When she was 19, she accepted a position with the Scottish Ambulance Service. Emma now lives in Merkinch, Inverness.

In 2019, Emma was elected as councillor for Inverness Central in the local by-election; a role which she maintains alongside her parliamentary position. She has committed to donating her councillor’s salary to good causes in Inverness Central, which she has done since her election to the Scottish Parliament in May 2021.

Emma is passionate about social justice, disability rights, equality, and the LGBTQ+ community. She sits on the Social Justice and Social Security Committee in the Scottish Parliament and is a member of the Cross-Party Group on Disability. In her role as Councillor, she sits on the South Planning Applications and City of Inverness Area Committees.

Having personal experience of mental health issues, Emma champions reform of mental health services. In 2020, following a successful and years-long petition, she succeeded in having an option for mental health emergencies added to Scotland’s NHS24 service.

In addition to her parliamentary role, Emma is a board member of the Merkinch Partnership and during lockdown ran a COVID-19 support group in her local area. In her spare time, she takes part in local art groups and comedy clubs, plays several instruments, and is a season ticket holder for her beloved Inverness Caledonian Thistle.