Audrey Nicoll

Aberdeen South and North Kincardine

Born and educated in Aberdeen, I have spent my working life in public service.

Following a policing career spanning 31 years and five years in university lecturing, I was elected as an SNP councillor in Torry/Ferryhill, Aberdeen in 2019, before being elected to Holyrood in 2021.

My career saw me investigate serious crime, develop national policing approaches to gender-based abuse, and advocate for legislative change to support policing responses to mental health.

Retirement from policing saw me move to lecturing, where I supported the development of nurse and midwifery education that focused on the interaction between policing, public health and global health.

My interest in politics solidified during the 2014 independence referendum and in 2019 I was elected as a councillor in Torry/Ferryhill, Aberdeen.

I was only too familiar with the pressures bearing down on constituents. Becoming an MSP was a natural step for me, consolidating my skills and experience in a new political sphere.

My constituency of Aberdeen South and North Kincardine is a diverse mix of urban, rural and coastal areas, historically supporting the local energy sector, farming, fish processing, education, hospitality and tourism.

I am Convenor of the Scottish Parliament Criminal Justice Committee.

Outwith my working life, I enjoy walking, cycling, music and skiing. I am married and have a son.