With Starmer doubling down on support for Tory welfare policies, it’s just more of the same

Scotland can expect just more of the same from Sir Keir Starmer and his Labour Party in government.

Having consistently failed to challenge the Tories’ status quo, the Labour leader has backtracked on all of his Labour leadership pledges and the vast majority of the promises he has made to the British public since being elected to replace Jeremy Corbyn in 2020.

The Labour leader confirmed in an appearance on BBC Radio 4 that a Labour government would keep the cruel two child cap and rape clause, keep tuition fees, and keep in place an unelected House of Lords, claiming the party would have to “prioritise”.

Ordinary Scots benefit from free tuition, and thanks to the SNP Scottish Government many of the Tories’ austerity policies have been mitigated in schemes costing over one billion pounds. The Scottish Government has taken the tough decision to pour much of its resources into mitigating the worst of Westminster’s welfare reforms that target those on low incomes, punishing families who are desperately deserve a government that will help them.

It seems that instead of being inspired by the SNP’s record, Sir Keir will continue with Tory policies and hang our most vulnerable people out to dry.

If an incoming Labour leader’s priorities don’t consist of scrapping cruel austerity-driven Tory policies, £9,250 tuition fees, and the unelected House of Lords, then what exactly are they for? What is the point of a Labour Party that has abandoned working people? That has embraced every aspect of the Tory agenda?

They can’t even bring themselves to condemn the very worst of this rotten Tory government. Sir Keir could stand up and eviscerate the cruel, callous Rwanda scheme – and yet he chooses to quibble over its affordability! Voters in Scotland deserve more than a Labour Party that simply isn’t up to the job.

In reality, Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party are prioritising no change at all and are offering nothing to the people of Scotland beyond more of the same.

We have a rotten Tory government that deserves to be booted out of office, but it is clear that Sir Keir Starmer has no vision beyond the status quo.

If Starmer thinks, by grace of wearing a red rosette instead of a blue one, he can coast on by in Scotland during this election without meaningfully separating himself from the Tories – he can think again.

Thankfully though for Scottish people there is an alternative to the Tories with the SNP who won’t just stand up for these values, but have put their money where their mouth is – scrapping tuition fees in Scotland and committing over a billion pounds to support families affected by the worst of the Tories’ austerity policies.

For a party that will never waver in its opposition to the Tories, and for a voice championing the values and protecting the policies Scottish people hold dear, vote SNP on the 4th of July.”