With independence, Scotland can escape Westminster’s cruel and callous austerity

It’s the same old story; a Westminster policy is illogical, failing and damaging. And nevertheless, they press ahead, regardless of the consequences.

Westminster’s failed austerity program, supported by both Labour and the Tories, has suppressed living standards and hampered economic growth, while only making the rich even richer.

The elderly, the disabled, low income families and tenants of social housing have been among the worst hit.

These people have been left out in the cold by Westminster politicians.

The Scottish Federation of Housing Association (SFHA) released a report last month which revealed the devastating impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis on social housing tenants, as they face unprecedented levels of deprivation, driven by exorbitant food and energy prices.

The report is a damning indictment of Tory misrule. It’s only right that this debate will put pressure on the UK government to support the most vulnerable people in society, including tenants of social housing.

People across Scotland are suffering under the Westminster made cost of living crisis with rising food prices, mortgages and energy prices – it is clear that more must be done by the UK government to support the most vulnerable.

The Scottish Government is ensuring money stays in people’s pockets this winter by freezing council tax, and through the Scottish Child Payment and Best Start grants. This is on top of protecting Scottish households from Westminster’s cruel bedroom tax and housing benefit cap – two things we shouldn’t have to do.Everyone deserves a warm, safe and affordable place to live. The SNP are leading the way in the UK on building affordable housing.

The people of Scotland shouldn’t have to put up with the economic mismanagement of Westminster governments we don’t vote for – Scotland deserves better and can do better with the full powers of independence.