Why being in the EU is good for Scotland’s economy

Scotland’s EU membership gives our businesses access to the world’s largest trading area, while protecting jobs, supporting exports and boosting our economy.

Here are just five ways being part of the EU benefits Scotland.

  • Over 300,000 Scottish jobs were estimated to be linked to exports to the EU in 2011.

  • Being in the EU gives Scotland’s businesses access to a market of 500 million consumers, making it the top destination for Scottish exports. Europe is the destination of 42 per cent of Scotland’s international exports in 2014 – valued at more than £11 billion.

  • Being part of the EU makes Scotland an attractive place to invest. According to Ernst & Young, almost three-quarters of investors cite access to the EU single market as important to attractiveness for investment.

  • Freedom of movement means it is easier for EU migrants to study, work and contribute to ScotlandAccording to HMRC new EU migrants made a positive impact to public finances of over £2.5bn.

  • Businesses and consumers can buy products across the EU with confidence knowing that safety and quality standards are guaranteed throughout Europe.