Who will stand up for Scottish jobs?

Standing up for Scotland is what we do. In government we’ve protected vital industries and safeguarded jobs. And at Westminster we’re fighting to protect jobs in Scotland from the impact of Brexit.

Here’s what you need to know.
We’ve protected Scottish industry.
 ✔️ We helped secure a new owner for Ferguson’s shipyard in Inverclyde and safeguarded 150 jobs with a £97 million contract for two new ferries.
 ✔️ We acted quickly to ensure a bright future for Scotland’s two remaining steel plants at Clydebridge and Dalzell.
✔️ The Lochaber aluminium smelter was saved – now investment plans will safeguard 150 jobs and create 1,000 direct and 1,000 indirect jobs.
Under Tory governments at Westminster, Scotland has lost industry after industry. Now the Tories see Brexit as an opportunity to ‘finish the job Thatcher started’.
A leaked UK government memo said that Scotland’s oil and gas industry was a ‘low’ priority in Brexit negotiations and our fishing industry was listed as just a ‘medium’ priority.
When the Tories took the UK into Europe in the 1970s, they saw our valuable fishing sector as “expendable” – now they’re set to trade it away again on the way out.
And with Scotland’s food and drink exports worth £5.5 billion, new Tory tariffs with Europe will damage this vital trade and the agricultural and fisheries sector that depends on it.
We will always stand up for Scotland. We will never let the Tories trade away Scotland’s jobs and industries.
The General Election is an opportunity to strengthen Scotland’s hand in the Brexit negotiations.
By giving the SNP a clear democratic mandate to demand a place for Scotland at the top table we can make the 80,000 jobs that rely on our place in the single market a fundamental pillar of the UK Brexit plan. 

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