Who cares most for our health service?

In Scotland we’ve chosen to invest in our NHS to keep it in public hands and free at the point of need.

By contrast, the Tory government at Westminster has a record of running down public services. Their plan is for more austerity and cuts to vital services.
A vote for the SNP on 8 June will send the Tories a strong message – hands off Scotland’s NHS. Here’s what you need to know.

The SNP record in government

Record health funding of over £13 billion
We’re spending £3.6 billion more on our health service than when the SNP came to office – and the NHS remains safe in public hands.
12,200 more people working in our NHS
The number of nurses, doctors and dentists working in Scotland’s NHS has increased.
The best performing hospital A&E departments in the UK

Better pay for our hardworking NHS staff
All NHS staff in Scotland are paid at least the real Living Wage. And our nurses and midwives are better paid than any other part of the UK.
Free prescriptions

We abolished charges for medicine in 2011. In England, patients pay £8.60 per item.

The Tory record in government




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