What we’ve learnt this week about Tory Brexit

It has now been more than five months since the EU referendum and the UK government is still unable and unwilling to set out what Brexit will mean.

However, in spite of the UK government’s secrecy on the issue, the potential impact of Brexit became clearer this week.

Here’s what we’ve learned about Brexit – in just one week. 

On Monday, economic think-tank IPPR Scotland estimated that the Scottish Government could face cuts of £1.3 billion to its budget as a result of Brexit.


On Tuesday, a leaked memo confirmed that the UK government has no plan for Brexit and that it is mired in chaos and confusion over the issue.


On Wednesday, Boris Johnson confirmed that the UK would “probably” leave the EU customs union.


The Dutch Finance Minister said his Brexit plan was “intellectually impossible.”


Meanwhile, the Italian Foreign Minister said the Foreign Secretary’s Brexit plan was “wishful thinking” and accused him of “insulting” Italy with his approach.


On Thursday it was reported that figures from the UK government spending watchdog, the Office of Budget Responsibility, will next week reveal a £100 billion black hole in UK public finances due to Brexit.


A YouGov poll also revealed that a majority believe the UK government is handling Brexit badly.

And, on Friday the German Finance Minister  warned that the UK could still have to make financial contributions to the EU after Brexit and that the financial services sector would lose access to the single market.


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