What we’ve learnt from Tory conference

The Tory conference has ended. Here are six things we’ve learnt about the repellant reality of Tory policy.

1. The Tories have signalled they are poised to target foreign workers in the most disgraceful display of reactionary right-wing politics in living memory.



2. Disgracefully, the UK Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, described EU nationals living in the UK as “cards” in Brexit bargaining.



3. Our economic interests will be put at risk by the Tories’ blind pursuit of ‘hard brexit’.

In her speech to the Conservative conference, Theresa May all but said that the future of the UK would be outside the EU single market. This would be bad for jobs and investment – here in Scotland and across the UK.






4. We were told that Scotland’s voice and interests don’t matter.

Despite saying, in July of this year, that he was “open” to Scotland having a different deal to the rest of the UK when it comes to our relationship with Europe, here’s what David Mundell told the Tory conference this week.


5. Doctors from Europe and beyond that work in England were told they will only be welcome in the NHS until they are replaced by UK doctors – a decision that could impact patient care.



6. The Tories now want to crack down, even further, on international students.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd pledged at Tory conference to consider “tougher rules” for “lower quality courses”.



Theresa May’s vision of Brexit Britain is a deeply ugly one. It’s a vision the SNP wants no part of, and one we will never subscribe to.


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