What #ScotBudget means for women


The budget continues our commitment to gender equality in Scotland:

  • We are investing in childcare by providing 600 hours of free high-quality childcare for all 3 and 3 year olds and vulnerable two year olds, and we are committed to increasing that to 1140 hours, which will help ensure that women are able to participate in the labour market
  • We are mitigating Westminster’s welfare reforms, which are hitting women the hardest, by ensuring no one has to pay the Bedroom Tax and providing Crisis Grants and Community Care Grants through the Scottish Welfare Fund.
  • We are championing the real Living Wage, benefiting women most as they are more likely to be in lower paid employment. There are now over 420 Living Wage accredited employers in Scotland, up from just 34 last year.
  • We are setting a public sector pay policy which supports those on low incomes and maintaining the No Compulsory Redundancy policy.
  • We have protected the Equalities budget, which supports work to tackle violence against women and girls and supports the victims of abuse.

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