Council tax reform explained

The SNP is taking action to make the funding of local services fairer - in a way that’s reasonable, measured and balanced. Our plan will ensure additional resources are available to councils to invest in the local services people rely on every day, from childcare to free personal care for older people who need it.


Making local taxation fairer

The plans I am setting out today propose both short and long term reforms of local government taxation.  At the heart of our proposals for reform are two key pledges.  Firstly that we will make the funding of local services fairer - in a reasonable, measured and balanced way - and second that in so doing we will generate additional funding for schools and ensure additional support for children in low income households.


A social security system based on dignity and respect

We believe that social security is an investment in the people of Scotland. For the SNP, the process of how we deliver benefits is as important as what the benefits will do.

That is why we are committed to having a social security system in Scotland that is fair and puts respect and dignity at its heart. Putting people at the centre of that system is key to ensuring we create a fairer Scotland.


A positive, progressive case for Scotland’s place in the EU

Today we have announced the formation of the SNP ‘In’ Europe campaign and I’m absolutely delighted to be serving as campaign director.

Our focus between now and the 23rd June will be in leading a positive, progressive and upbeat campaign in Scotland to stay in Europe.


Making delivery charges fair for rural Scotland

Imagine shopping online with the promise of ‘free delivery’ only to be told once you have hit ‘checkout’ you’ll have to incur a charge. It might be £20 for an electric drill, or a whopping £90 for ordering a new mobile phone.


Standing up for Scotland

The deal we agreed yesterday with the UK Government is a good one for Scotland.

It means the new tax and welfare powers promised by Westminster will come to Holyrood, if the Scottish Parliament gives its approval.


A promise was made to Scotland of more powers — not more powers at a cost

Following the referendum, a promise was made to Scotland of more powers — not more powers at a cost.

The Smith Agreement — signed up to by all of Holyrood’s parties — had at its core the principle of no detriment to Scotland in devolving new powers to the Scottish Parliament.


Time is running out - the Treasury need to agree a fair deal on more powers

Right now, the Tories are intent on securing a £3 billion cut to Scotland’s budget – and trying to short-change Scotland on set-up costs for administering new powers too.

Nicola Sturgeon has today written to David Cameron making clear that, in order to make progress, the Tory Treasury must make significant movement and agree to a deal – a deal that honours the pre-referendum Vow and the recommendations of the Smith Commission.

Read the letter in full below.


I will not allow Scotland to be shortchanged

The latest “offer” from the Tory Treasury is not a new or a serious one.

They claim to be offering around £4.5billion extra funding to Scotland over the next decade or so .

But it is nothing of the sort – it is simply the difference between their initial proposal of a £7billion cut to Scotland’s budget and their current position of an almost £3billion cut.

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