Apology to those convicted for same-sex sexual activity that is now legal

Below is a statement given by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to the Scottish Parliament.  



Empowering schools, teachers and parents

Scotland’s teachers deserve our unreserved praise for the education they are providing our young people, day in and day out. Scotland has a good education system.



50 years on from Winnie Ewing's historic Hamilton by-election victory

Winnie Ewing stunned the political world by storming to victory in the Hamilton by-election on November 2, 1967.


The Income Tax discussion paper explained

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Finance Secretary Derek Mackay have today launched a discussion paper on Income Tax in Scotland, ahead of the publication of the Scottish Government’s budget.



Nicola Sturgeon on the key tests that will guide discussion on Income Tax

Ahead of the launch of the Scottish Government’s paper on The Role of Income Tax in the Scottish Budget, please find below an article by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.



Why the Universal Credit roll-out must be halted: in 200 words

Universal Credit is fundamentally flawed and it’s roll-out should be halted. Here’s why.



Putting Scotland on the right track to a healthier future

Today I want to discuss obesity -  a subject which isn’t always easy to talk about, despite being one of the biggest public health challenges Scotland faces.



Governments should be judged on their reaction to the challenges facing our National Health Service

Ask people in almost any survey or poll which institution they cherish most dearly in our society and invariably the answer is our National Health Service. And rightly so. Hardworking nurses and doctors are there for us from cradle to grave.


7 truly terrifying things the Conservative Party are doing in government

From the rise of food banks to cuts amounting to billions to Scotland’s budget by Westminster Tories, here’s just some of the truly terrifying things that the Conservative Party is doing in government.

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