Our action on obesity

Obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing our nation’s health. It is harming the people of Scotland and putting pressure on the NHS, other public services and our economy.



SNP Westminster frontbench team and spokespeople

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford has announced the new SNP frontbench team. Here’s the list in full.



The murky world of Tories' dark money donations finally exposed

Over the past week, there have been some pretty damning revelations emerging over how the Scottish Tories are being bankrolled.



Investing in mental health services for young people

Good mental wellbeing is as important as good physical health. This is as true for children and young people as it is for everyone else.



Scotland’s new Cabinet

Nicola Sturgeon has appointed a new, refreshed Scottish Cabinet.



Our action to end homelessness

Scotland has made huge progress in tackling homelessness. In fact, some of the action taken has been truly world leading. We have seen a long term decrease in homelessness in Scotland but we are also aware of worrying signs of an increase in rough sleeping.



Scotland’s new ministerial team: what you need to know

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has appointed a new, refreshed Scottish Government Cabinet. Here is the complete list of Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers.



Timeline: every time the Tories have ignored Scotland on Brexit

In 2016 Scotland voted decisively to remain in Europe. Since then, Westminster has ignored the will of Scotland’s parliament at every turn.  



Depute leader tasked with ‘building case’ for independence

Keith Brown is to dedicate his time and energy to his new depute leader role and become the standing campaign director for the SNP – with responsibility for policy development, preparation for future elections and building the case for Scotland to become an independent country.


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