Support for Scotland's place in Europe: get the facts here

The SNP Scottish Government is working tirelessly to deliver what Scotland voted for – to stay in the EU. Since the EU referendum there has been strong support for this position from across Europe.


From the Vice-Chancellor of Germany to the Irish Taoiseach, here’s what senior politicians have said about Scotland’s place in Europe.



Your SNP government: moving Scotland forward

Here’s just some of what your SNP Scottish Government has done this week.


Who is Theresa May?

Theresa May is now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.



Theresa May’s refusal to guarantee the status of EU nationals living here is a disgrace

Last Tuesday I hosted a gathering of consular officials from European Union countries at Bute House. The purpose of the meeting, and my message to those diplomats was clear: their citizens are very welcome here in Scotland, and I am determined that they will remain free to live and work here, contributing to our national life.


Good news you might have missed

While the Scottish Government is working to secure Scotland’s place in Europe, it has not been distracted from the business of governing.


The Chilcot Inquiry report: what you need to know

The actions of Tony Blair, as Prime Minister, took the UK to war in Iraq, which led to the death of 179 UK armed forces personnel, almost 200,000 Iraqi civilians, and the present instability in the Middle East.


SNP statement on the Chilcot Report

The publication of the Report of the Iraq Inquiry by Sir John Chilcot today is welcome but long overdue.


Scotland is your home: our action to reassure EU citizens

In her statement at Bute House following the EU referendum result, Nicola Sturgeon said to EU citizens living in Scotland: “you remain welcome here, Scotland is your home and your contribution is valued.”

Since the EU referendum, the SNP has taken steps to reassure people from other European countries living here that they continue to be welcome in Scotland. Here’s how.



Tory leadership candidates: whoever wins, Scotland loses

There are now just two candidates to be leader of the Tories and the next Prime Minister. Here’s what they stand for.



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