Time is running out - the Treasury need to agree a fair deal on more powers

Right now, the Tories are intent on securing a £3 billion cut to Scotland’s budget – and trying to short-change Scotland on set-up costs for administering new powers too.

Nicola Sturgeon has today written to David Cameron making clear that, in order to make progress, the Tory Treasury must make significant movement and agree to a deal – a deal that honours the pre-referendum Vow and the recommendations of the Smith Commission.

Read the letter in full below.


I will not allow Scotland to be shortchanged

The latest “offer” from the Tory Treasury is not a new or a serious one.

They claim to be offering around £4.5billion extra funding to Scotland over the next decade or so .

But it is nothing of the sort – it is simply the difference between their initial proposal of a £7billion cut to Scotland’s budget and their current position of an almost £3billion cut.


Funding for Scotland’s councils explained

Funding for Scotland’s 32 Councils for the year ahead has been agreed. Here’s our top three of what the latest package of funding will deliver:


Investing in Scotland’s health workforce

The NHS is our most valued and cherished public service, but it couldn’t be delivered without the hard work and dedication of the staff who work for it. That’s why the SNP is committed to supporting our health service staff to deliver the best possible health care.


Scrap the rape clause

No woman should have to prove she was raped to be able to claim child tax credits. It's a dramatic statement, and it's one that has raised many questions - so perhaps it's best to go back to the start.


Politics affects everything, make sure you’re registered to make your voice heard

In the last few years Scotland has seen a greater voter engagement and greater political engagement than it has ever seen in its history. The reason that’s happened is because people have realised that politics isn’t some abstract thing - a thing that you have to be a politician to understand. Politics affects every aspect of your life, the bills you pay, your wages, your house, your education, your job.


Labour’s tax hike: unfair and unworkable

Labour is planning an immediate 1p tax increase which would hit 2.5 million taxpayers in Scotland, including almost half a million pensioners.  At a time when many families are already struggling to make ends meet, that just can’t be right.


More powers and a fair deal for Scotland

This SNP Government will always do what we believe is in Scotland’s best interests.

We believe in independence – but short of that, we are focussed on using all of the powers we currently have to make this country a better place for everyone who lives here.


Our commitment to Scotland’s businesses

We want Scotland to be an attractive place do business and to invest. To achieve this ambition we need to support businesses to explore new markets and foster innovation.

New figures published earlier this week underline the scale of our investment in our economic future – in Scotland spending per head on supporting businesses and the economy is double the UK level.

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