We will work harder than ever to deliver for all the people and communities of Scotland

The first 100 days of the re-elected SNP Government will see us working harder than ever to deliver for all the people and communities of Scotland.

I have already stated that my pledge to close the attainment gap in education – to ensure equal chances for all children, regardless of their background – will be the defining mission of this, the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament and the third term of an SNP Government.


10 ways we’re helping Scotland’s families

From expanding free childcare to protecting low income households from increases in the cost of living, here are just 10 ways we’re helping Scotland’s families.


Let’s get to work

This morning Nicola Sturgeon held the first press conference of the new parliamentary term at Bute House, in which she set out initial priorities for an SNP government.

Here’s what you need to know:


The positive case for Europe and a new hope

Yesterday was Europe Day – the annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. We marked 66 years since the Schuman Declaration, which set out the beginnings of the European Union.

What progress we have seen - the development of a community of 28 nations and a single market of 500 million people.


In this parliament let’s secure the best possible future for our young people

Today Scotland’s new MSPs begin arriving at Holyrood to get ready for the next five years.

There is something very invigorating about the start of the new parliamentary term - as new MSPs find their feet alongside old hands, everyone wants to repay the trust voters have just placed in them by making a positive impact.

The election campaign over the last six weeks brought out a lot of clear differences between the parties - but it also brought out many areas of common ground.


#SP16 in numbers

The SNP has won an historic third term in the Scottish Parliament with 63 MSPs, over a million votes in Scotland’s constituencies – a first – and the highest share of the constituency vote ever achieved.


Keep Scotland moving forward - cast both votes SNP today

This is the most important Holyrood election since we regained our national Parliament in 1999.

We will soon have new tax and welfare powers. And it is crucial that we have a government that is capable of using those powers properly.

And, I firmly believe, only the SNP has the policies, the experience and the vision to use those powers to take Scotland forward.


Championing Scotland’s businesses

I am delighted to introduce you to the first issue of our new magazine dedicated to business life in Scotland today.

SNP Insight will keep you informed each quarter about all aspects of Scotland’s vibrant business sector and how the SNP is working with the business community to build a brighter future for everyone.


If you want a government that’s committed to our precious NHS, make it both votes SNP

On Thursday, the people of Scotland go to the polls to elect the government for the next five years.

It’s been an immense privilege to serve as MSP for Glasgow Southside and as Scotland’s First Minister, and I hope that the people of Glasgow – and Scotland – allow me to continue after the election.

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