Scotland’s Brexit Minister speech on the UK EU Withdrawal Bill

Below is the full speech given by Scotland’s Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, Michael Russell MSP, in the Scottish Parliament on the EU Withdrawal Bill.



Mental health is just as important as physical health

This week I’m joining the Mental Health Foundation in marking Mental Health Awareness Week.



Our action on obesity

Obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing our nation’s health. It is harming the people of Scotland and putting pressure on the NHS, other public services and our economy.


Scotland can lead the next era of radical technological change

Scotland is a bold and positive country, rich in history and heritage, but forging ahead in a way that is progressive, pioneering and inclusive.



Theresa May couldn't deliver a pizza, never mind Brexit

Prime Minister’s Questions is that moment every week when Theresa May looks increasingly like someone caught in the headlights. Four of my colleagues added to her misery last week.



£3 billion worth of infrastructure projects delivered in a year

In the past year infrastructure projects worth £3 billion were delivered in Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan, including new schools, hospitals and roads.



Mridul Wadhwa on giving a voice to marginalised women

As part of our #Vote100 Project, SNP activist Mridul Wadhwa writes about the women that inspire her in her activism for the most marginalised communities of women.



Scotland must stay in the single market

Over 45 years ago, after much debate, the UK joined the European Economic Community.
Today, on Europe Day, our European future is once again in question as the UK stands on the brink of reversing that decision.


One year on, these are our plans for Glasgow

A year ago the people of Glasgow voted for the biggest change in local government this city has experienced in generations. They voted not only for a change in personnel and party, but for how we do politics, in where priorities lie, in how we do relationships with citizens and partners.


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