Fired up and ready to go

You might have heard… the SNP are holding three National Assemblies where we will debate and discuss the recommendations of the Sustainable Growth Commission.



Scotland: the best deal for taxpayers of anywhere in the UK

From free medicine to free education, taxpayers in Scotland get the best deal anywhere in the UK.


President Donald Trump could threaten very fabric of democracy

Some people still try to defend Trump and his deeply unwelcome visit. What his supporters usually say is: “It is important to respect the office of the president.” The answer to that is: “We will – when he starts to.”


Our NHS isn't safe in Tory hands

Following the disastrous roll out of Theresa May's Brexit proposals, the Prime Minister was faced with a raft of senior Cabinet resignations. So, Theresa May has now been forced in appointing a new Cabinet, yet this one appears to be even more extreme than the old one - especially when it comes our NHS.


Scotland is a world leader

Scotland is a progressive nation, brimming with innovation and confident of its role in the world. Today, Scotland is at the forefront of tackling some of the biggest issues of the 21st century.


The NHS is an integral part of the fabric of our country and it must always be protected

Last week the country came together to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS - considered by the vast majority of us to be our most precious and cherished institution.


Who is the new Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab?

Following Theresa May's disastrous unveiling of her latest Brexit plan, Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned stating he was "unpersuaded" and that the plan would mean Parliament's control would be nothing more than an illusion. She has replaced David Davis with another hardline Brexiteer - Dominic Raab. But who is the new Brexit Secretary?



Theresa May's Chequers fudge sees Scotland dragged to brink of Brexit abyss

Theresa May’s Cabinet Chequers lockdown was more fudge than a step forward. With their phones confiscated and threat of a taxi back home instead of a ministerial car, the day resembled a scene out of The Thick of It.


Our plan to tackle food insecurity

In a country as prosperous as Scotland, everyone should have access to affordable, nutritious food. But after eight years of Tory welfare cuts, more and more people are relying on emergency food support. This is unacceptable.


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