Two years on from the Brexit referendum: here’s what we know

On 23 June 2016 Scotland voted decisively to remain in Europe. Since then the Tory government has been so riven by infighting that they are left united on just one issue – a power grab on the Scottish Parliament which rips up the founding principles of devolution.

Here’s three things you need to know.

Since the referendum we have worked tirelessly to secure the least worst outcome for Scotland that would protect jobs and living standards.

Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit but if the UK is to leave the EU we want the best deal possible for Scotland.

The Scottish Government has published compromise proposals that would see Scotland remain in the Single Market and Customs Union. This ‘Norway-style’ deal would be the least-worst option for jobs, living standards and our public services.

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The Tories are undermining devolution in order to force through Brexit.

All parties in the Scottish Parliament – except the Tories – voted to reject the EU Withdrawal Bill. But the Tories pushed it through anyway.

After 20 years of devolution, the Tories managed to rip-up the devolution settlement after a 15 minute debate at Westminster.

The Bill will allow the UK government to change laws in devolved areas like fishing, farming or public sector procurement without the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

So if the price of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US is to lower food standards or open our NHS up to privatisation, Holyrood could have no say at all.

It’s increasingly likely the UK will get a bad deal or no deal at all.

The UK government’s handling of Brexit talks has been shambolic. With a deeply divided Cabinet, the UK risks crashing out of the EU with no deal at all.

A no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Scotland, leading to a reduction in Scottish GDP of £12.7 billion and the loss of around 80,000 jobs.

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