Timeline: every time the Tories have ignored Scotland on Brexit

In 2016 Scotland voted decisively to remain in Europe. Since then, Westminster has ignored the will of Scotland’s parliament at every turn.  

The overwhelming majority of the Scottish Parliament has voted for Scotland’s place in the Single Market to be protected, for Scotland’s voice is heard in negotiations and to reject the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Yet the UK government is ploughing ahead with a job-destroying Brexit. Worse still, they are using Brexit to rip up the devolution settlement.

Here’s what has happened.

28 June 2016

The Scottish Parliament votes to mandate the Scottish Government to discuss options to protect our relationship with the EU and our place in the Single Market.

14 September 2016

After Theresa May promises an agreed UK approach to Brexit negotiations, the Scottish Parliament votes against Article 50 being triggered until there is such an agreement.

On 29 March 2017 Theresa May triggers Article 50 without any UK-wide approach.

17 January 2017

The Scottish Parliament votes to support the Scottish Government’s Brexit plan, including membership of the Single Market and Customs Union.

On the same day, Theresa May rules out UK membership of the Single Market.

7 February 2017

The Scottish Parliament calls on the UK government not to proceed with their Article 50 Bill in the absence of a clear plan and a joint approach.

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 was railroaded through Westminster with no clear plan or any joint approach with devolved administrations.

15 May 2018

All parties in the Scottish Parliament – except the Tories – vote to refuse legislative consent for the EU Withdrawal Bill.  

The EU Withdrawal Bill is passed by Westminster on 20 June 2018. The Bill makes a grab for Holyrood’s powers, with the devolution sections debated in just 15 minutes.