This Week in Westminster: Tories’ zombie government inches country closer to no-deal Brexit


SNP MPs standing up for EU citizens’ rights

SNP MPs will not stand by as the UK government attempts to trample on the rights of EU citizens living, working and contributing to society in Scotland and the rest of the UK. The xenophobic ‘hostile environment’ of Theresa May and the Tories will not go unchallenged and this week SNP MPs took the UK government to task over their plans to force EU citizens to pay for their right to stay in the UK and Scotland post-Brexit.

Regardless of the actions of this government and of Westminster, the message from Scotland is clear – EU citizens are welcome here.


While the Labour Party descended into internal warfare, SNP MPs took the Tories to ask on their ‘hostile environment’

Migrants play a hugely important role in Scotland within our NHS and other valued public services, but the UK government’s toxic immigration policies seem intend to choke off access to Scotland’s labour market for these migrants. While Labour MPs split their party and fight amongst themselves, SNP MPs are fighting against these absurd policies that will only damage Scotland.


Theresa May told that if she doesn’t put a stop to her reckless Brexit plans, Scotland will

It was made clearer than ever before at PMQs on Wednesday, that Westminster is broken. While Theresa May and Jeremy Cobryn danced around the key issues of Brexit, playing party politics and trying to ignore their own party’s on-going civil wars, the SNP leader Ian Blackford made clear that with just over a month to go in order to stop a disastrous no-deal Brexit – Westminster was failing Scotland and the rest of the UK.

If Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are not prepared to fight to take no-deal off the table and put Brexit to a public vote, then Scotland will need to take our future into our own hands.


While the Tories and Labour parties split and fight amongst themselves, only the SNP are fighting for Scotland

As Tory and Labour Party defections begin to rack up, it is clear that there is only one party fighting for Scotland at Westminster – the SNP.