This Week in Westminster: Tories still clueless on Brexit


SNP MPs stand up for their constituents

MPs have returned to their constituencies, organising drop-in surgeries, meeting community groups, visiting businesses and fighting for their areas.


UK Government cancelled parliamentary recess, but there’s no Brexit legislation next week

Andrea Leadsom, the Leader of the House of Commons, announced that parliamentary recess in February will be cancelled because of the large amount of Brexit legislation that will have to go through.

However, no Government bills were introduced before the Commons at all next week, on Brexit or anything else.
This shows the total paralysis which the UK Government finds itself in.


Ian Blackford asked Theresa May some tough questions at PMQs, so Tories tried to shout him down

Ian Blackford highlighted that Theresa May, only two weeks ago, said that reopening the Brexit deal and renegotiating the backstop would not be possible.

On Wednesday, she said she was seeking to do what she deemed impossible two weeks ago – is that the UK government trying to mislead the House, or being incompetent on a whole new level?

Tory backbenchers didn’t like the question, so they tried to silence Ian Blackford through coordinated attempts to shout him down.
Yet again, Tory contempt for Scotland’s elected MPs showed its true colours.


We voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, again – we can’t allow Scotland getting dragged out of the EU

Tuesday was a busy day in Westminster, dominated by the debate on amendments to the motion on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The SNP group tabled our own amendment, which was also backed by Plaid Cymru, calling for extending Article 50, ruling out no deal, and respecting Scotland’s overwhelming vote to stay in the EU.

Tory and Labour MPs joined together to defeat this amendment. Brexit has taught us that the Tories want to actively shut down Scotland’s voice, and Labour simply doesn’t care.

If the Tories think they can do whatever to Scotland and get away with it, they should think again.

While the EU stands in complete solidarity with Ireland, the UK Government is completely disrespecting Scotland’s wishes and is riding roughshod over Scotland’s economic interests.

It’s increasingly clear that Scotland must get the right to choose independence, so we can put our future in our own hands.


SNP MPs unequivocally stood up for free movement in the Immigration Bill debate

SNP MPs were united in voting against the UK Government’s shambolic Immigration Bill.

The Bill amounts to an act of vandalism on the Scottish economy and public services.
Scrapping freedom of movement would stifle economic growth, leave key economic sectors with staff shortages, and deprive Scotland of hard-working individuals who make an immense contribution to our society.

The Labour frontbench couldn’t make up its mind until the last minute, and 78 Labour MPs couldn’t be bothered to turn up and vote. Had they voted, the Bill would have fallen.