This Week in Westminster: Theresa May’s dead Brexit deal defeated again


Theresa May’s ‘rescued’ Brexit deal changed nothing: it’s still a disaster for Scotland

Theresa May set off on a last-minute dash to Strasbourg to achieve changes to her Brexit deal, which was defeated by a margin of historic proportions on the 15th of January.

She did not show up in Parliament to be held accountable on the latest Brexit progress, and instead sent a junior minister to answer Ian Blackford’s questions on her incompetence.

In a dramatic press conference in the evening, she claimed she achieved sufficient changes, but they were merely a fig leaf for a problem that the UK created for itself.

That fig leaf can’t disguise the fact that it was a bad deal for Scotland – bad in December, bad in January, and equally bad now.

It’s a blindfold Brexit deal that would damage Scotland’s economy and leave people at the mercy of the Tories as they tear themselves apart.


Parliament rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal by a thumping majority – again.

It’s clear that there’s no such thing as a ‘good Brexit’ or a ‘jobs-first Brexit’.

Brexit is an act of economic stupidity that Scotland firmly rejected, and it threatens to deprive Scotland’s people of hard-won rights and opportunities.

This is why the SNP MPs voted against the deal on Tuesday, which contributed to Theresa May facing the fourth biggest parliamentary defeat in history.

Scotland’s wishes have been completely ignored throughout the Brexit process. We voted to remain in the EU and we must not be dragged out against our will.

This is why Parliament must finally agree to hold a second EU referendum, to wrestle the decisions on Brexit away from an incompetent and reckless Tory government, and put them in the hands of the people.


Chancellor’s Spring Statement exposed continuing austerity, and Scottish Tories failed to vote to take no-deal off the table

The UK government’s Spring Statement was an opportunity to end a decade of austerity that’s hitting our public services, but the Chancellor announced plans for further cuts, adding up to a reduction in Scotland’s block grant by nearly £2 billion in real terms.

And while Scotland is being short-changed by billions by Philip Hammond, the UK Government can somehow shake the ‘magic money tree’ when it is needed for bungs to keep the DUP on board.

The damage that’s causing will only be amplified by the disastrous Tory Brexit, which will inflict serious and lasting harm on jobs, living standards, public services and Scotland’s economy.

After Theresa May’s deal was defeated for the second time, Wednesday was dominated by further debate on Brexit and votes to take no-deal off the table.

The UK Government’s insistence to keep open the option of no-deal demonstrates that Theresa May remains firmly in the grip of the Brexit hardliners, instead of considering the interests of all four nations of the UK.

No-deal could cost 100,000 Scottish jobs, cause a recession, and lead to widespread chaos.

Despite the risks of no-deal being abundantly clear, all Scottish Tory MPs – with an exception of one – voted to keep no-deal on the table.

If that wasn’t enough, David Mundell abstained in a crucial vote – purely to save his own job.
This only made it clearer that he’s a Scottish Secretary utterly incapable of doing his job, who’s always willing to put party loyalty above Scotland’s interests.


Parliament voted to extend Article 50, but the Westminster parties failed Scotland by rejecting a second EU referendum

Parliament voted to extend Article 50 and rejected leaving the EU with either Theresa May’s bad deal or a disastrous no-deal.

In a demonstration of staggering intransigence, Theresa May announced plans to bring back her Brexit deal for a third ‘meaningful vote’ early next week.

Her inability to listen and her attempts to blackmail MPs into voting on her deal for the third time prove that Theresa May is a Prime Minister devoid of credibility and out of her depth.

We’re clear: regardless of how many times she brings back her deal to Parliament, we will vote it down -we cannot, and will not, accept something that will leave Scotland poorer and more isolated in the world.

The best way out of the Brexit chaos is putting the decision back to the people in a second EU referendum.

Of course, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, but all Scottish Tories and the majority of Scottish Labour MPs have voted against the interests of their constituents by voting against an amendment calling for a second EU referendum.

Despite Labour appearing to back a second EU referendum two weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn has done everything to backtrack on his promise and betray Scotland’s voters.

While we’ve been consistently calling for an extension of Article 50 and a second EU referendum, Labour have been flip-flopping, playing political games, and abdicating responsibility.


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