This Week in Westminster: Scotland’s interests ignored as Tories and Labour plot a Brexit stitch-up


New poll shows crisis for Tories and Labour over Brexit incompetence

The SNP is succeeding against Westminster despair, as a new poll reveals support for the Tories and Labour has plummeted as a result of their incompetence over Brexit.

The survey for the POLITICO finds that both the Tories and Labour lack credibility on Brexit in Scotland – highlighting feelings of “deep national discontent” and branding both parties “out-of-touch” and “incompetent.”

As Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn continued their talks in an attempt to come up with a Brexit stitch-up, we’re abundantly clear: we cannot, and will not, accept a Brexit that would hurt jobs, damage the economy, and leave us more isolated in the world.

Scotland voted to Remain and we will continue defending Scotland’s voice.


Kirsty Blackman challenged cruel Tory policy on fourth anniversary of the benefit freeze

In a question to the Chancellor, Kirsty Blackman highlighted the grave injustice of sharply increasing CEO salaries and tax cuts for millionaires, while inequality is rising and Tory welfare cuts are driving people into poverty.

Stephen Gethins outlined his vision for a better Scotland, free from the shambles of this Tory Brexit

While Theresa May, a Prime Minister in name only, continued being in the grip by the Brexit extremists on her own benches, SNP MPs passionately spoke out against the isolationist and economically illogical Brexit project that Scotland is being forced into.

With independence, we can be a progressive beacon at the heart of the European Union, making decisions about our own future and punching above our weight on transnational issues, such as climate change or medical research.


At PMQs, Ian Blackford warned That Scotland would not be forced to accept a backroom Tory-Labour Brexit deal

The intense talks between Labour and the Tories have continued on Wednesday, with Labour suggesting they are ready to sacrifice freedom of movement, to the detriment of key sectors of Scotland’s economy.

It is beyond doubt that there’s no such thing as a good Brexit, and Scotland will not be forced a deal, cooked up behind closed doors, that would make the people of Scotland poorer, harm living standards and weaken our public services.

SNP MPs stood united in opposing nuclear weapons, while Jeremy Corbyn sold out on his principles

In a parliamentary debate ‘celebrating’ the 50th anniversary of the Trident nuclear weapons, Stewart McDonald highlighted the dangers of Trident renewal to domestic and international security.

Not only are nuclear weapons morally abhorrent, but also a monumental waste of public money: the renewal of Trident will cost up to £200 billion – money that could be more effectively spent on conventional defence measures, and invested in our public services.

Staggeringly, Jeremy Corbyn – who used to be a strong advocate against Trident – did not even bother to turn up to a vote, and the majority of Labour MPs voted with the Tories to impose Trident on Scotland.


European Council grants the UK an extension of Article 50 until 31 October

After a marathon European Council summit, 27 EU countries agreed to a further extension of Article 50 until 31 October.

We have avoided crashing out with no-deal, thanks to the consistent pressure from the SNP and other opposition parties.

Now, Theresa May must use this extension to hold a fresh EU referendum with the option to Remain on the ballot paper.

And if Labour ends up as the midwife of a Tory Brexit, they will not be forgiven at the ballot box in Scotland.

Ian Blackford responds to Theresa May’s statement on Article 50 extension

It is the height of irony that it was the EU that had to get the UK out of the mess of its own making.

Brexiteers promised to “take back control”, but Brexit has left the UK weakened and diminished in power, with Scotland consistently denied a say by the shambolic Tory government too busy being at war with itself.

Responding to Theresa May’s statement on the Brexit extension, Ian Blackford urged Theresa May to stop ignoring Scotland and called for her to engage with devolved governments to finally bring forward a second EU referendum.

The Brexit process has shown that Westminster is not working for Scotland, and it’s becoming ever clearer that the only way to protect Scotland’s interests is with independence.