The Tory policies Ruth Davidson won’t talk about

Ruth Davidson is today addressing the Tory party conference but the Scottish Tory leader is unlikely to mention the real impact of Tory policies on Scotland.

Here’s just a few of the policies Ruth Davidson won’t talk about.


1.  Massive cuts to Scotland’s budget. By 2019-20, Scotland’s budget will have been cut by the Tory government by £2.9 billion in real terms.


2.  The two child tax credit cap and Rape Clause. By 2021, around 50,000 families in Scotland will be worse off due to the Tory decision to limit tax credits to the first two children. The Rape Clause requires women to prove they’ve been raped in order to qualify for child tax credits for a third child.


3.  Cuts to support for people who have lost loved ones. Bereavement Payments and Widowed Parents’ Allowance are being cut – making grieving families worse off. According to the UK Government’s own analysis, 75 per cent of families entitled to Widowed Parents’ Allowance will be worse off.


4.  The Bedroom Tax. The SNP government has fully mitigated the Tory Bedroom Tax, which would otherwise have disproportionately impacted low income families and the disabled.


5.  Spending billions on new nuclear weapons. The Tories are pushing ahead with plans to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system – some estimates put the cost at up to £205 billion.


6.  Turning their backs on child refugees fleeing war. The UK government has abandoned the Dubs amendment, which committed the UK to accepting 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees by 2020. As of July, the UK had accepted no extra unaccompanied child refugees under the scheme.


7.  Rolling back workers’ rights through the Trade Union Bill.


8.  Denying women the pensions they are due. The Tories have drastically sped-up the equalisation of men’s and women’s pension age – denying women born in the 1950s the pensions they are due.


9.  Massive defence cuts. Between 2010 and 2014, defence personnel in Scotland were cut by 18.7 per cent and new cuts are planned to defence sites, including Glencorse Barracks, Penicuik; Redford Barracks, Edinburgh, and Fort George near Inverness.


10.  Charging Scotland’s police and fire services £140 million – despite exempting emergency services in England.

11.  Closing 10 Job Centres in Scotland. Earlier this year the UK government confirmed plans to close 10 Job Centres, including six in Glasgow.

12.  Removing housing support for under 21s. The UK government has removed entitlement to housing support for 18 to 21 year-olds in receipt of Universal Credit. The Scottish Government has now extended the Scottish Welfare Fund to ensure young people in Scotland are not affected by these cuts.