The Tory Brexit power grab: in 200 words

Following Brexit, powers will come back from the EU to the UK. Some of these are in areas within the remit of the Scottish Parliament.

Farming and fishing fall into that category, which have been the responsibility of Holyrood since 1999. In fact, they’ve been controlled by government departments in Scotland since at least 1928.

The Leave campaign said that these powers would come to Holyrood after Brexit.

Ruth Davidson said that “In the first instance the powers go to Westminster” – whether they are devolved is up for “discussion”.

— The SNP (@theSNP) March 2, 2017

Theresa May said that devolution shouldn’t have “unintended consequences for the coherence and integrity” of the UK. 

And when the Prime Minister was asked to confirm that agriculture and fisheries would remain devolved, she didn’t answer.

Every power exercised and every penny currently spent in Scotland, should be devolved. 

Further powers, including employment law, should not be left at the mercy of a Tory government that threatens a race to the bottom. 

And powers will also need to be devolved to implement our Brexit plan, including immigration and powers to conclude international agreements in devolved areas.

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