The SNP plan to end austerity: explained in 200 words

Tory austerity has failed. It’s time to end it. Here’s our plan, explained in just 200 words.



The impact of austerity

By 2019-20, the Tories will have cut Scottish Government day-to-day spending by £2.9 billion in real terms.

Across the UK, these austerity cuts are leading to the biggest rise in inequality since Margaret Thatcher was in office.


Our plan

We’ll demand an end to austerity. We have a responsible plan to balance the budget whilst investing in public services.

Our plan would balance the current budget by 2021-22, stabilise borrowing and see debt falling by 2019-20.

This will release £118 billion of investment and return UK finances to a sustainable path.


Investing in public services

If this additional funding is spent on public services and supporting low paid households, it could inject a further £10 billion over the next parliament into Scotland


An end to immoral Tory benefit cuts

To tackle rising inequality we support reversing Tory benefit cuts and a real Living Wage for all workers over 18 of over £10.


Help us fight Tory cuts, join the SNP today.