The Scottish budget: what it means for families

The Scottish Government has set it outs budget plans for the year ahead.

The Draft Budget includes new investment in public services, as well as new measures to support business, jobs and economic growth.


Here’s why the Scottish budget means families in Scotland get the best deal anywhere in the UK.

  • We are protecting low and middle income earners by freezing the basic rate of Income Tax – meaning 99 per cent of taxpayers will pay the same as they did last year. 

  • It is unacceptable that too many children from less advantaged areas achieve less at school because of their background. Over the next year £120 million will be invested in our schools to help close the attainment gap – £20 million more than previously announced.

  • By 2020, we’ll increase the provision of free, high quality childcare to 30 hours a week. The Draft Budget allocates over £60 million in new investment in the workforce and infrastructure necessary for this expansion.

  • We will invest record revenue spending of £12.7 billion in our NHS. 

  • To ensure that every child in Scotland receives quality health development support, we will continue investment to deliver 500 additional Health Visitors, including investing over £800,000 this year to train 180 Health Visitors.

  • We will expand the Family Nurse Partnership to reach vulnerable, first-time mothers aged 20-24 who could also benefit from the programme.

  • Monthly and annual rail season ticket holders will receive one week’s free travel, matching or providing better savings than a fares freeze.

  • We will provide £47 million to mitigate the Tory Bedroom Tax, and abolish it at the earliest opportunity.

  • From April 2017, the child allowance within the Council Tax Reduction Scheme will be increased by 25 per cent benefiting up to 77,000 households and helping nearly 140,000 children.

  • Household will benefit from an investment of £140 million in 2017-18 to support energy efficiency programmes.

  • Measures to support jobs include an expansion of the Small Business Bonus Scheme, a £4 billion investment in our infrastructure, and a new £500 million Scottish Growth Scheme will support business to export, grow and create jobs.