The rape clause: explained in 200 words

The UK government has now introduced its callous rape clause policy. Nicola Sturgeon explains the policy here.

The Tory government buried the rape clause within their plan to limit Child Tax Credits to two children in the 2015 budget, which stated said they would “develop protections for women who have a third child as the result of rape”.
SNP MP Alison Thewliss exposed this appalling policy.
SNP MPs questioned the Tory government on how this would work, but received no answers.


After the policy was raised with the UN, they launched an investigation into the policy.
In October 2016 Tory Ministers finally relented and launched a consultation.


The UK Government sneaked out the announcement that the policy would go ahead on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.


On 6 April the rape clause came into effect without any Parliamentary vote, requiring women to fill in an eight page form to prove they have been raped.
The campaign has gained support from across the political spectrum.

The campaign against the rape clause and the two child tax credit cap continues.