Over 400,000 households are suffering from Tory and Labour cruelty on two-child limit

For almost a decade now, women in these isles have had to live under inhumane restrictions introduced by this UK Tory government. Restrictions that have sought to punish those in receipt of Universal Credit and Child Tax Credits, imposing horrific policies like the two-child limit and rape clause.

These discriminatory policies have negatively affected the lives of women and families, pushing over a million children into deep poverty.

Tory policies like the rape clause force women with a third child, who are in need of support, to relive the harrowing experiences of sexual assault in order to claim social security.

This Tory clause, which has targeted almost 2,600 survivors of sexual assault, is not only deeply cruel but also displays a malice that is completely disconnected from the realities faced by women who have suffered such trauma.

The damage being done by the Tories’ two-child limit restriction is even more staggering, with the UK government’s own figures revealing that a frightening 409,600 households have been deprived of crucial income due to this draconian policy. With almost a quarter of a million of those being ‘in work.’

Unequivocally debunking the Tory party’s frivolous claims that ‘work pays’ and that the two-child limit is rooted in fairness.

While opposition parties have been united against these cruel Tory policies in the past, Labour’s recent shift towards the right under Keir Starmer now leaves the SNP as the only major party in Westminster opposing them.

If Labour won’t oppose a cruel Tory policies which have been proven to have had a detrimental impact on one in ten children across the UK, then what is the point of the Labour Party?

At a time when the Scottish Government is putting families and children first with progressive policies like the Scottish Child Payment, the Tories are taking it away again with pernicious policies like the two-child limit.

It’s beyond belief that Labour would meekly go along with this injustice.

Scrapping the two-child limit is crucial to providing children with a fairer start to life, shielding them from poverty, and relieving women from the distressing criteria imposed by the rape clause. That is why the SNP will always oppose and seek to repeal these cruel and damaging Tory policies.