The Lib Dems have turned their backs on Europe

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum – by the highest margin of all UK nations, with all of the 32 council areas rejecting Brexit.

Ever since, Scotland has been completely ignored by the Tories – and while the Lib Dems sought to position themselves as a pro-EU party, they have now betrayed Remain voters.

The SNP is now the only major party that has stuck to its principles and that supports EU membership – while the Lib Dems turned their backs on Europe.

Here’s how.

What they said…

Senior Liberal Democrat members repeatedly assured that if Scotland and the UK leave the EU, the party would back re-joining – indeed, that was “the only credible policy”.

  • If we leave the EU (…), this party will automatically pivot from the party of remain to the party of re-entry. I think we have to say that loud and clear and not be afraid of saying that. We will be the party of re-entry.” –  Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP (22 February 2019)

  • The only policy that is credible is to rejoin. – Ed Davey MP (16 September 2019)

Where they stand now…

However, the Lib Dems have now turned their backs on that promise – with Lib Dem leader, Ed Davey, affirming that the party no longer supports EU membership.

  • Our campaign to stop Brexit is over.” – Ed Davey MP (30 January 2020)
  • We are not a rejoin party.” – Ed Davey MP (17 January 2021)
  • Willie Rennie’s speech to the recent Scottish Liberal Democrats conference, on 9 March 2021, did not have a single mention of re-joining the EU.

Only the SNP remains committed to securing Scotland’s EU membership

With the Lib Dems joining the Tories and Labour in becoming pro-Brexit parties, the SNP is the only major party committed to protecting Scotland’s interests and securing our place in the EU.

The best way of achieving it is by becoming an independent country.

All main Westminster parties are now signed up to Brexit, despite the many damaging consequences it brings – making it clear there is no route back to the EU through Westminster, even with a change in government.

Make it Both Votes SNP on May 6 to secure Scotland’s right to choose independence in Europe.

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