The cost of Tory government

It’s now over seven and a half years since the Tories took office. People in Scotland are paying a high price for the decisions they have taken.

We’ve run up the cost.

The UK government – with the support of Labour MPs – have committed to a new generation of nuclear weapons. It is expected that this will cost up to £200 billion.
The UK economy is now expected to be £42 billion smaller in 2022 than was estimated earlier this year, as a result of the UK government’s handling of Brexit.
The expected cost of leaving the EU following the Tories bungled Brexit negotiations. During the EU referendum, Leave campaigners, including Boris Johnson, promised £350 million more for our NHS every week if we voted Leave.
The real terms cut to the budget available for Scotland’s public services between 2010-11 and 2019-20. This year Scotland’s day-to-day budget faces a real terms cut of over £200 million.
The cost to Scotland’s police and fire services since 2013 because of VAT charges imposed by the Tory Treasury. Now that they’ve conceded that our emergency services shouldn’t pay VAT, the Chancellor should refund the £140 million already paid.
And the cost to Scotland would be even higher if we implemented Tory policies in the Scottish Parliament.
The cost to Scotland’s public services this year if the Scottish Tory Income Tax policies were implemented – with the benefit of their proposed changes going to the highest earners.