#SNP15: Website Explainer

Watch our website explainer video.

Scotland’s Referendum energised politics in Scotland, leaving a legacy of increased political engagement with tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, joining the SNP. Then, during the General Election of 2015, we asked you to vote for the SNP for a strong voice at Westminster, and you did.

When Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister, she vowed to create the most open and accessible Government Scotland has ever had. Embracing social media we’ve organised live Q&A sessions on Facebook, Twitter and in communities across Scotland. But we want to build on this work even further.

The internet and new technologies enable activists to be informed, organised and to collaborate with like-minded people in ways like never before. And so, to support your activism, we’ve created a new SNP website and campaigning platform.

So how does it work?

We want to continue to build a fairer and more prosperous Scotland. In the our vision section of our website we outline our desire for a fairer Scotland and our vision for education, health, the environment, economy and the constitution. We want to live in a Scotland that is more prosperous; where the NHS remains a publicly funded service, free at the point of use and where every child has the chance to succeed.

You can stay informed by checking out our latest updates. Click on the ‘Your SNP’ tab for tailored content based on your ‘Interests’ and the ‘Groups’ that you have joined.

The Policy Base provides a searchable archive of party policies. And Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find our most commonly asked questions about membership and our website.

There are now two ways that you can sign up to the SNP. Register your support means you will receive our latest updates. Becoming a member enables you to influence party policy and attend branch meetings. You could even volunteer to help.

The events section of our website enables members to organise events that supporters, members and the wider public can attend, such as street stalls, coffee mornings or social events.

By joining Groups you can connect with like-minded people across Scotland and receive updates and information about events that interest you:

You can find out more about our party, including information about your elected representatives and your local branch. And you can donate and buy SNP goodies to help support our work.

The future of our party is defined by the extent to which you want to get involved.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your voice heard.

Help us to build a better Scotland by joining us at snp.org/joinus