Scotland set for green energy revolution under SNP plans

The SNP has proposed a new Green Energy Deal to revolutionise the renewable economy in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Scotland’s green energy schemes require certainty to attract investment. Under the SNP’s new proposals, that long term certainty will be guaranteed by bringing an end to Westminster’s sidelining of the renewable industry.

If re-elected, SNP MPs will ramp up the pressure on Westminster for more support for the critical renewables industry. Our ambition is to secure a Green Energy Deal that will:

  • ensure green energy projects get the long-term certainty needed to support investment
  • deliver a wave and tidal energy industrial strategy with adequate funding
  • allow onshore wind to compete for ‘contracts for difference’ support – the UK Government’s main mechanism to support low-carbon electricity generation
  • reform the punitive transmission charging regime that discourages investment in Scotland
  • set a clear timescale for the delivery of the interconnectors to Scotland’s islands
  • press the Tories ditch their plans to quadruple the VAT on home solar
  • support a diesel scrappage scheme if trading for ultra-low emission vehicles.

And, we want to ensure the Scotland benefits from the boom in renewable energy.

The SNP is leading the way on tackling climate change.

Scotland was the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency, and our groundbreaking Climate Change Bill was hailed by the UN as “an inspiring example of the level of ambition we need globally to achieve the Paris Agreement”.

Scotland is a world leader on climate change, at the forefront of safeguarding our environment. Here’s how:

  • Scotland has a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, one of the toughest statutory targets in the world
  • Scotland was the first part of the UK to announce that it is bringing in a deposit return scheme for drinks packaging
  • We’re doubling investment in active travel, developing cycling infrastructure and encouraging more people to use greener forms of transport.
  • Nearly 75% of Scotland’s electricity in 2018 came from renewable sources, and we’ve doubled our exports of renewable electricity to the rest of the UK
  • We launched the Climate Challenge Fund to encourage communities across Scotland to take action on climate change
  • The Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund is helping developing countries transition to a low-carbon economy.

Find out more about what we’re doing to tackle climate change.