The SNP at Westminster: a strong voice for Scotland

Your team of SNP MPs have been a strong voice for Scotland, standing against Tory cuts.

Not only have they been the real opposition at Westminster but they cost less than the Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs they replaced.

Here’s what you need to know.

Campaigning for positive change.

From fighting for pension equality to passing a new law to tackle domestic violence, the SNP has been a strong voice at Westminster.

  • Working with the WASPI women, Mhairi Black has led calls for the Tories to pay women born in the 1950s the pensions they deserve.

  • Eilidh Whiteford became the first SNP MP to pass a law at Westminster, requiring new action on domestic violence.

  • Roger Mullin has led calls for UK action to stop criminals evading tax in Scotland.

Read more here about how your SNP MPs have been working for you at Westminster.

Working harder than the MPs they replaced.

In 2015-16, SNP MPs spoke in average of 61 debates – more than double the average for their predecessors.

Since 2015, SNP MPs tabled 4,000 written questions on topics including Brexit, defence and the minimum wage. Written questions allow MPs to request information from the UK Government on important issues.

…and costing less than their predecessors.

The total cost of SNP MPs was over £1 million less in 2015-16 than the 2014-15 expense bill for their predecessors. This means that your SNP MP cost an average of over £21,000 less than the MP they replaced.

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