SNP MPs will fight for better, greener public transport

Westminster’s division of Scotland’s rail system has gone on for too long.

That’s why, if elected, SNP MPs will demand that full control of Scotland’s railway system be devolved to the Scottish Parliament – so we can put Scotland’s railways into public hands.

Currently, rail services are the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament, while the rail infrastructure – such as the tracks and signalling – is the responsibility of Westminster-controlled Network Rail.

This dysfunctional division has resulted in avoidable delays, whereas under full devolution, infrastructure can be controlled by the same, unified body.

Unlike Labour, who plan to hand rail powers over to Westminster and run a centralised GB-wide company, we will insist our railways are run here in Scotland.

What’s more, the SNP MPs will push to make our rail services significantly more efficient, faster and greener – and while billions of pounds are being spent on major infrastructure projects in London and the South East of England, like HS2 and Crossrail, the SNP is demanding a fair treatment and reduced journey times between London and Scotland.

In Scotland, the SNP Scottish Government is already investing record sums in making our public transport better and greener.

We have invested an unprecedented £8 billion in rail infrastructure since 2007, delivered major projects such as the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme and the Borders Railway, and committed to de-carbonising Scotland’s railways to reach net zero by 2035.

The SNP’s commitment to greener travel is truly world-leading. We are pioneering electric plane technology from 2021, creating the world’s first zero-emission aviation region in the Highlands and Islands, and moving towards zero-emission city centres by 2030.

The Independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recently said that the Scottish Government’s plans for greener transport demonstrate our clear commitment to continue leading the UK in tackling climate change.

In the general election on December 12, vote SNP to elect progressive MPs who will lead the way on tackling the climate emergency, push for better transport infrastructure, and stand up for Scotland at Westminster.