SNP manifesto: what we’ll do for Scotland’s workers

We will always stand up for the fundamental rights of workers and will continue to work in partnership with trade unions to build a fairer Scotland.

Here’s just some of what we’ll do.

  • We will defend trade unionists’ rights across the UK by opposing the Trade Union Bill and continue to explore what support can be offered to mitigate its impact and help them continue their legitimate activities.

  • We will continue to make the case for employment law to be transferred to Scotland.

  • A new Labour Market Strategy will be published within our first 100 days, informed by the work of the independent Fair Work Convention.

  • Promotion of the Living Wage will be targeted at key low pay sectors and we will double the number of accredited Living Wage employers from 500 to 1,000 by Autumn 2017.

  • We will continue to crack down on inappropriate zero hours’ contracts.

  • We will ensure companies engaging in unacceptable practices like blacklisting, exploitative zero hours’ contracts or tax evasion, do not benefit from public procurement.

  • We will reduce youth unemployment by 40 per cent by 2021, compared to its 2014 level.

  • We will increase the number of Modern Apprenticeships to 30,000 a year by 2020 – 5,000 of which will be in highly skilled careers.

  • We will legislate for 50:50 gender equality in public sector boardrooms by 2020.

  • Public authorities with more than 20 employees will be compelled to publish their pay gap every two years and an equal pay statement every four years.

  • We will continue to encourage organisations to sign up to the Business Pledge, including the commitment to workplace diversity.

  • An additional £20 million will be invested in employment support services.

  • We will abolish fees for Employment Tribunals.