Delivering for Scotland

This week we learned unemployment in Scotland has hit a 25-year low, Scotland has achieved its annual carbon emissions reduction target, new money was pledged for house-building across the country, and radical new education reforms were unveiled.

Here’s how we’ve delivered for Scotland this week.


The Islands Bill, which will empower our island communities and grow their economies, was introduced to the Scottish Parliament.


£1.75 billion was allocated to councils to boost affordable housing development, and the house-building sector reached its highest level of activity since the early 1980s.



Figures showed Scotland met the 2015 climate emissions target.

And new figures also showed unemployment in Scotland is at its lowest level in 25 years – and lower than the UK average.


The Scottish and Welsh governments came together to call for the representation of the devolved administrations in the Brexit negotiations.

Education Secretary John Swinney unveiled new plans to empower schools, teachers and parents.  

Registration for Scotland’s Baby Box kicked off.


Companies looking for significant investment will now be able to access an additional £200 million as part of the Scottish Growth Scheme.

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