Seven years of Tory government. Seven ways they’ve failed Scotland.

This year marks seven years of Tory government – despite people in Scotland rejecting the Tories at every single General Election for over sixty years.

Here are just seven (of the many) ways the Tories have failed Scotland in the past seven years.  

1.  The Tories have inflicted massive cuts to Scotland’s budget. By 2019-20, ten years of Tory austerity will have resulted in a real terms cut to Scotland’s budget of £2.9 billion.

2.  The Tories are taking forward the renewal of Trident at a cost of at least £180 billion. That’s despite 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs voting against a new generation of nuclear weapons. Read more on Trident here.

3.  Scotland is being dragged out of the EU against our will. The Tory plan for Brexit will see Scotland not just out of the EU but the European Single Market too, costing Scotland 80,000 jobs and a £2,000 cut to wages after 10 years.

4.  The Tories introduced a cruel Bedroom Tax, affecting tens of thousands of low income families in Scotland. In government the SNP has fully mitigated the Bedroom Tax in Scotland – and will abolish it as soon as possible.

5.  The Tory government has introduced a two child tax credit cap and requires women to prove they’ve been raped in order to qualify for child tax credits for a third child. Read more about the rape clause here.

6.  The Tories have denied women born in the 1950s the pension they were due without sufficient notice. The decision to speed up the equalisation of the pension age for men and women has had devastating consequences for the retirement plans of millions of women.

7.  Theresa May is attempting to block Scotland having the final choice on our future. We believe that the people of Scotland should have a choice between a hard Brexit and becoming an independent country. If you agree, sign the #ScotRef pledge here.

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