Scotland’s referendum – what you need to know

After the election, Nicola Sturgeon committed to reflecting on the outcome and, in particular, on the issue of a second independence referendum. Today she set out her reflections in a speech to the Scottish Parliament. Here’s what you need to know.

The SNP will work openly and inclusively, as part of the wider independence movement to build the case for independence.


A referendum is being discussed so soon after the last one because of Brexit, but independence is not about Brexit. It goes beyond that.


When the time comes, people must know why independence offers the best answer to the many complex challenges we face as a country.


The SNP will engage openly and inclusively with, and work as part of, the wider movement to build the case for independence, that decisions must be made by us – not for us. That work begins today. Show your support by signing up today, and be first to find out about our next steps.


We remain strongly committed to giving Scotland a choice on our future at the end of the Brexit process.


The SNP Scottish Government has a clear mandate to offer the people of Scotland a choice. The SNP has won two elections – the Scottish Parliament election last year and the General Election this year – with an explicit commitment in our manifesto on holding a referendum. The Scottish Parliament has also endorsed that position.


Legislation for an independence referendum will not be introduced immediately.


Nicola Sturgeon has reset the plan set out on 13 March. The Scottish Government will not introduce legislation for an independence referendum immediately. At the end of Brexit negotiations, the Scottish Government will set out its judgment on the best way forward – and on the precise timescale of the people of Scotland having a choice on our future.  


Right now, the Scottish Government will seek maximum support for proposals to keep us in the Single Market.


The General Election and the weakness of the UK government has re-opened the possibility of avoiding an extreme Tory Brexit, and to protect Scotland’s interests.


Nicola Sturgeon has called on other parties to back the Scottish Government have a place at the negotiating table, and to build support for the proposals published in December by the Scottish Government – in “Scotland’s Place in Europe”. At the heart of these proposals is a framework to keep Scotland in the European Single Market, to protect jobs, living standards, and our economy. Find out why that matters.


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