Scotland’s referendum: what you need to know

No one cares more about Scotland’s future than the people who live here. It’s only right that you are given a choice about the kind of country Scotland is to become in the years ahead.
Here’s what you need to know. 

It’s only right that Scotland gets a choice on our future once the terms of Brexit are clear.
The SNP will make sure that our interests are not ignored in Brexit negotiations. We won’t let the Tories trade away the 80,000 jobs that rely on our place in the single market. Read more here.
We are also taking the steps necessary to make sure that Scotland has a choice about our future at the end of this process.
We’re not calling for a referendum now. By the timetable set out by both the EU and the UK, the Brexit deal will be decided by Autumn 2018 and ratified by Spring 2019.
A referendum within this timeframe will ensure you will be able to judge what Brexit or independence mean for you and your family.Read more here.
The mandate for offering this choice is beyond doubt.
The Scottish Government was elected in May 2016 on a manifesto which said the following in relation to independence:
On 23 June 2016 Scotland voted by 62 per cent to 38 per cent to remain in the EU but Scotland now faces the prospect of being taken out of the EU, and the single market, against our will.
On 28 March 2017 the Scotland’s national Parliament voted to underline this mandate for an independence referendum.
Attempts at compromise with the UK government on Scotland’s place in Europe have been dismissed out of hand.
Since the EU referendum the Scottish Government has sought to find a compromise that would reconcile the UK wide vote to leave with the Scottish vote to remain.
In December 2016, the Scottish Government set out a compromise plan that would protect Scotland’s place in the European Single Market. These proposals were dismissed out of hand by the Prime Minister. Find out more about the plan here.
The General Election offers an opportunity to strengthen Scotland’s hand in Brexit negotiations. By giving the SNP a clear democratic mandate to demand a place for Scotland at the top table, we can make our continuing place in the single market a fundamental part of the UK’s negotiations.

If you agree Scotland should have a choice on the kind of country we are going to be, sign the pledge.