Scotland is a world leader on LGBTI equality: here’s how

Scotland has now been rated the best country in Europe on LGBTI equality by ILGA-Europe for two years in a row.

In recent years, we’ve passed new laws on hate crime, led marriage equality legislation through parliament and we’re tackling discrimination in sport.

But we know there’s still much more to do to achieve a fair and equal Scotland for all LGBTI people. Here’s just seven ways we’re working towards this goal

1.  We have passed historic same-sex marriage legislation, which is recognised by many as being amongst the most progressive in the world.

2.  We will review and reform gender recognition law, so it’s in line with international best practice for people who are Transgender or Intersex.

3.  Through the Scottish LGBTI Sports Charter, we are ensuring that all sports funding includes conditions on specific actions to tackle LGBTI discrimination. And we will establish an Equality in Sport and Physical Activity Forum to encourage the removal of barriers to participation in sport.

4.  There are people with criminal convictions for same-sex sexual activity that is now lawful and we must right this wrong. Men in Scotland convicted for same-sex sexual activity on the basis of historic discriminatory criminal laws will now receive a full pardon.

5.  Scotland was the first country in Europe to provide national government funding to a transgender rights project. And we continue to fund third sector organisations to help us work towards LGBTI equality.

6. We funded Pride House at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which celebrated the participation of LGBTI people in sport and showcased the progress made on LGBTI equality in Scotland.

7. We expect all new guidance and promoted teachers – and eventually all teachers – to undertake training on equality, so they are confident in tackling prejudice-based bullying. We will provide additional funding where required.

Read more about how we’re working towards equality for all in our PolicyBase.