Scotland can match the fairest and most prosperous countries in the world

Scotland is a trailblazer in financial services, tech, medicine, life sciences, renewable energy and even satellites.

We are brimming with potential.

There is no doubt that Scotland can match the fairest and most prosperous countries in the world. Here’s why.

💷 Scotland is among the wealthiest countries in the world – per capita our economy is as strong as France, New Zealand or Japan.

📈 Employment in Scotland is at historic levels.

📦 Scottish exports have gone up by 44.6 per cent since 2007.

🍣  Scotland’s food and drink exports were worth a record £6 billion in 2016.

🥃 Scotland’s food and drink sector supports 119,000 jobs in Scotland.

🌍 Scotland is the top destination, outside of London, for foreign direct investment.

‍🔬 Scotland’s higher education research and development spend as a percentage is GDP is the fifth highest in the developed world.

🎓 Scotland has more universities in the top 200 in the world per head than any country except Luxembourg.

🌱 Scotland has outperformed all countries in Western Europe except Sweden in reducing carbon emissions.  

💡 More than two-thirds of the electricity used in Scotland in 2017 came from renewables.

🛰 Glasgow builds more satellites than any other European city – part of Scotland’s £2.5 billion space industry.

🗺 Lonely Planet has hailed Dundee as one of the top ten places in Europe to visit in 2018.

🏳️‍🌈 Scotland is second only to Malta in Europe for LGBTI equality and human rights.

🌊 Scotland is home to the world’s first large-scale tidal energy farm.