Re-elect Stuart McMillan for Greenock and Inverclyde

As the MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde for the last five years, and as a regional MSP for nine years prior to that, it is a privilege to be your representative in the Scottish Parliament.

This election is the most important election we will face for many years to come.

This election is about three main issues: dealing with Covid-19, recovery from Brexit and Independence.

We can build a better recovery with Independence

I firmly believe that Independence is needed to give Scotland the best chance of recovery from the Brexit disaster and the long-term challenges that Covid-19 creates.

Scotland’s future must be Scotland’s choice – and Independence will generate new opportunities for Inverclyde.

It’s up to us how we are governed, not a Westminster elite, including the un-elected House of Lords who are paid £300 a day, tax free, just for clocking in.

As a community, we know how devastating Covid-19 has been. You, our community, looked out for each other and helped generate a Team Inverclyde approach. Building on this will be crucial in the next Parliament to create a stronger Inverclyde.

Delivering for Inverclyde:

  • New social housing in Slaemuir, Park Farm, Larkfield, and the James Watt Dock, to name just four examples.
  • Saved our shipyard from closure.
  • Provided finance to help many local projects including progress the Inchgreen Drydock development, the Inverclyde Shed, local Cultural projects and improvements in Active Travel.
  • Built the replacement Greenock Health Centre.
  • Increased early learning and childcare provision to 1140 hours each year saving local families up to £2,500 per child.

My five key issues in the next Parliament:

  • An Independence Referendum so we can rebuild the economy of Inverclyde and Scotland after Brexit and Covid-19.
  • A strong successful shipyard building many more ships, safeguarding and creating jobs for the future.
  • Progress the development of a new hospital to replace the IRH and a replacement for the Port Glasgow Health Centre.
  • A new West College Scotland campus in Greenock.
  • An increase in children’s attainment and a reduction in child poverty with the new SNP Scottish Child Payment.

In the next Parliament, the SNP will:

  • Introduce a National Care Service.
  • Hold an Independence Referendum.
  • Provide free laptops or tablets for all primary and secondary school pupils.
  • Deliver 100,000 new affordable homes by 2032.
  • Double the “game-changing” Scottish Child Payment to £20 per week per child.

Hope and aspiration for Inverclyde

Our population has reduced since the 1980s and until this is reversed, our community will struggle.

The years of Labour party control have taken their toll. We need to lead local decision-making and re-electing me in May keeps the momentum towards next year’s local authority election.

Keeping Labour and their Tory pals out gives Inverclyde a chance of a better future. A future of hope, optimism and aspiration, instead of one of continual decline.

I know the people of Inverclyde deserve better.

Make it Both Votes SNP for a fairer, better, more equal future

Both Votes SNP in May gives us the chance for a better future.

We continually hear and read about Scotland being a wealthy nation. It is – but much of that wealth has been squandered by the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems at Westminster. I want that to end.

We should not have one in four of our children living in poverty. We should not have increasing numbers of people going to food banks. We should not have billions wasted on nuclear weapons when there are children going to school hungry. The focus should be on Bairns not Bombs.

Winning this election takes us closer to delivering a Scotland we all want to see. A better Scotland. A more socially just Scotland. An Independent Scotland.

Scotland’s Future is Scotland’s Choice. Choose a better Scotland for your children and grand-children.

On May 6, we can choose to keep delivering progress, put Scotland’s recovery firmly into Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.

To elect a strong Team SNP to take Scotland forward, vote for Stuart McMillan in the Greenock and Inverclyde constituency, and for the SNP on the West Scotland regional list.

Here’s why Both Votes SNP really matters 👇

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