Our plan for Scotland: what it means for BME communities

The First Minister has set out the Scottish Government’s plans for the next year.

Here’s just some of the action we’re taking in government to support Scotland’s BME communities.  

  • We will require all new guidance and promoted teachers – and eventually all teachers – to undertake training on equality, so they are confident in tackling prejudice-based bullying.

  • We will develop a Workplace Equality Fund to tackle inequalities in the workplace, building on the recommendations of the Race Equality Framework for Scotland and the findings of the Equal Opportunities Committee inquiry into Removing Barriers: Race, Ethnicity and Employment.

  • We will continue to work to implement the Equality Action Plan for Modern Apprentices to ensure the programme is open to all by increasing the number of trainees who are from a minority ethnic background.  

  • To reduce barriers for minority ethnic people who are seeking work for the first time, we will work to explore what more we can do on the recognition of overseas qualifications.

  • We will appoint a Race Equality Framework Adviser to help implement the actions in the Race Equality Framework.

  • We will continue to work with communities, police and agencies to build community cohesion and tackle hate crime. The Independent Advisory Group on Hate Crime, Prejudice and Community Cohesion will also consider how we continue to tackle these issues.

  • We are proud that Scotland has welcomed 1,000 Syrian refugees, who are enriching our society. We will continue to deliver the ‘New Scots’ refugee integration strategy to help them integrate and contribute to Scottish society.