Why does the SNP support NATO?

An independent Scotland, will be a reliable and dedicated international partner – which is ever more relevant in today’s world. As well as being the closest friend to the other nations of these islands – an independent Scotland will always be part of the British Isles – Scotland will, we intend, take its place as a member state in its own right of both the European Union and Nato.

The SNP continues to believe that an independent Scotland’s security and safety is best guaranteed as a non-nuclear member of NATO, just like Denmark and Norway.

10 years ago, SNP members voted at our conference to back an independent Scotland’s membership of NATO. We continue to be pro-NATO because we are pro-peace.

An independent Scotlanf can follow the path of similar independent nation and make our own contribution to collective defence arrangement which, as part of NATO, far surpass any security that is offered by Britain alone.