What would an independent Scotland’s defence force look like?

Improving the way defence is delivered in and for Scotland is one of the most pressing reasons for independence.

For too long, the Westminster system has shown a failure to meet Scotland’s specific defence needs. Scotland makes up 62% of UK waters and hosts the vast majority of the UK’s marine natural resources, there are still no Navy surface vessels based in Scotland. North Atlantic, and Scotland’s security has essentially been side-lined by Westminster; Independence for Scotland can be the vehicle to better matching needs with defence capabilities.

We have in existing naval, army and air force bases the underpinning infrastructure we need to meet our defence needs and regional defence responsibilities.

An independent Scotland will have the opportunity to decide our own defence priorities to ensure our security, in partnership with our allies and within the wider international community. It will be the people of Scotland, through our Parliament, who will decide whether or not our young men and women are sent to war and we can choose, through our written constitution, to put in place safeguards to ensure that Scottish forces will only ever participate in military activity that is internationally recognised as lawful and in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter