What is the SNP’s position on membership of Euratom?

Euratom was founded in 1957 to foster cooperation in the development of nuclear energy and ensures high standards of protection for workers and the public from nuclear power, decommissioning, spent fuel and radioactive substances.

The SNP is concerned by the UK government’s intention to leave Euratom, and the lack of consultation with the Scottish Government. We are calling on the UK government to confirm its future plans for the safe transfer of radioactive materials and technologies that will affect all parts of the UK, in areas such as the health service.

The UK government must also guarantee that Scotland will not lose any of the devolved competence that we have over radioactive substances regulation, including waste and emissions.   

Our preference is to remain as full members of Euratom, and if that is not possible, for the UK to seek associate membership that maintains close joint arrangements on the widest range of issues.