What is the SNP’s position on EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in other EU countries?

The SNP believes the UK government must confirm the rights of EU nationals to remain as a matter of urgency. We expect the rights of UK nationals living in the EU to be guaranteed in the same way.

The SNP believes that the United Kingdom should remain in the EU Single Market and continue to benefit from the free movement of people. This is the only way to absolutely guarantee the ongoing rights of EU citizens and their family members, and British people living and working elsewhere in the EU.

While it is welcome that the UK government has provided some clarity on the future rights and status of EU nationals living in the UK, many issues remain unclear. These include the details of different statuses available to EU citizens, the process and costs of applying for these statuses and the cut-off date for ‘settled status.’

The Scottish Government does not yet have powers over immigration but we want to take concrete steps to help. As one example, if the UK government imposes charges on EU citizens forced to apply for settled status, the Scottish Government will ensure that devolved public bodies meet these costs for those working in our public sector. This will give practical help to the individuals concerned and it will also help us to retain the doctors, nurses and other valued public servants that we need. Above all, it will send a clear message that EU citizens are welcome here.